Winter Safety Workshop 2009

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Sat Jan. 24 2009. Rob Klusman of Sierra Madre Search and Rescue (SMSR) will cover some basic winter topics, focusing on avalanche safety. This is NOT intended to replace a standard 3-day Level I AIARE course (if that's what you want, you should take the course in Bishop that JoHanna is organizing), but instead is an introduction to the subject.

The workshop was from 9 to 4 at the Caltech Y's multipurpose room, on Saturday Jan. 24. Lunch will be provided. RSVP to alpine for lunch-planning purposes.

Rob has given us the slides (or from old website) in the presentation. If you attended, then these may be a useful refresher. If you didn't attend, then please be careful about taking any of the information out-of-context. It comes with no warranty about accuracy. The table on page 63 didn't come out well, so here is the table as its own PDF.

We are very grateful to SMSR for putting this on. Below is the email we used to announce this to the club (i.e. we are too lazy to reformat this to make a nice webpage)


(from the January 14th 2009 email)

The Level I AIARE course is planned to occur this upcoming weekend in Bishop; unfortunately, there are currently no free spots.

However, we have another fantastic opportunity:

Thanks to the efforts of Barbara Kraatz Fortini (of both Caltech and Sierra Madre Search and Rescue), Rob Klusman (of SMSR) has volunteered to give a Winter Safety Workshop.


What is it? Rob will cover basic avalanche material, but this is NOT intended as an avalanche course. There is no AIARE certification. This is a great workshop to refresh climbers/skiers who have taken a previous avalanche course, or for anyone who is beginning to travel in avalanche terrain and wants to learn more (i.e. decide whether to take a full AIARE-certified course).

How much does it cost? Nothing.

When is it? The workshop will be Saturday, January 24th from 9 AM to approximately 4 PM.

Isn't 9 AM on a Saturday too early? No.

Where is it? The Caltech Y's multipurpose room. The Y is on San Pasqual, just north of the Athenaeum. There are two rooms on the West side of the Caltech Y courtyard; we will be in the North one (from the courtyard, it will be easy to see us).

Will I be fed? Yes, we'll provide lunch, because we're nice.

Should I RSVP? Yes, please let me know if you want to attend, but you may still attend even if you don't RSVP.

Is this an avalanche course? No. Here's a summary of the differences:

  • Level I AIARE avalanche course. $350. 3-days. Bishop. Run by guide services typically (e.g. SMG, SMI, SMC).
  • Winter Safety Workshop. Free. 6-hours. Caltech campus. Run by Rob Klusman of Sierra Madre Search and Rescue.

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