Williamson Rock 2003

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Rock climbing trip to Williamson Rock, July 13 2003. Copied from this old webpage.


It is that time of year! The sweet smell of Williamson is in the air again! Come pull down with the club at the LA area's premiere sport climbing crag! Last year's highlights included Eric taking a head first whipper and Carlo spewing his breakfast onto the 2. Since Carlo has left to climbing bigger numbers in Europe and Eric has vowed to climbing everything easier than 5.10 unroped, we are searching for new climbers to take their roles in this year's adventure.

Williamson is probably one of the easiest venues for beginners. It has gym style climbing on vertical granite. We always plan the trip to be compatible with climbers of all levels. We will setup a range of top ropes from easy to hard but those who wish to (and are equipped to do so) may lead. (Top rope = you fall a foot at most. Leading=if you don't know what it is you won't be doing it.) Eric and I are also happy as usual to help aspiring leaders get started. This trip is always a lot of fun and the San Gabriels are beautiful at this time of year!

Let me just mention the usual disclaimer. Eric and I are not guides responsible for keeping an eagle eye on ten paying customers. Please bring not only your climbing shoes but your judgment.

Details: Meet: Wilson and San Pasqual @ 7 AM Sunday (sharp!) why: we have to leave early or else the only remaining climbs will be 5.11 and harder-- which doesn't bother me, but might dampen your enthusiasm more than an early start!

Return: Sunday Night


  • Climbing Shoes
If you don't have shoes, borrow them at the old gym. In the past the club has brought all the shoes, but it is just too difficult to keep track of them all.
  • Helmet
This is really up to you but I recommend bringing a helmet. There is not a lot of rockfall at Williamson but there is some and there are always idiots dropping things off the cliff on weekends. Climbing with a helmet is responsible but I'm not your mother! Helmets are available through the club from the Caltech Y.
  • Water & Food
  • Summer clothing, fleece jacket, & sturdy shoes
In the sun it can be quite warm but it can also get quite cool in the shade. The approach to the crag is infamous so make sure you are in good shoes or boots.
  • Any sport climbing gear you have
The club cannot own harnesses, ropes, etc for insurance reasons. We rely on the gear that the club members bring. Extra ropes and harnesses help everyone climb more!

Hope to see you Sunday!

Paul Wiggins

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