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This guy has a rss feed that we should subscribe to We can add RSS using this Widget:Feed

We also have a good collection at the old page that could be copied over here: CAC avalanche and weather links

Links from old webpage

All sites are from NOAA unless otherwise stated

Forums and message boards

  • Whitney Portal Store forums. For the Whitney region, this is the best forum (it's very active). However, topics are mainly about the Whitney Trail. A great resource if you're trying to climb Whitney for the first time.
  •, self-described as for "Mt. Whitney, The Sierra Nevada, & Beyond...". It has dedicated topics on Mt. Whitney, Mt. Williamson/Tyndall, Palisades, White Mountain, Shasta, John Muir Trail and PCT, Desert Peaks, and SoCal peaks. Unfortunately, it's not very active.
  •'s California Forums.
  • Mt. San Jacinto Outdoor Recreation forums. Pretty active.
  • High Sierra Topic, with forums divided by activity, not region. Also not very active.
  • Cascade Climbers, a very active forum with many sections, including gear sections. Obviously geared toward Cascade climbers, it does have a dedicated message board for California topics, but this is mainly Yosemite and Shasta related.