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Located near Bishop on Mt. Locke, this is one that you HAVE to do. Its just utterly classic. The only bummer is the long dirt road approach that starts near the Buttermilk country and goes on and on and on. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is helpful, but we did it just fine in my Subaru Outback. Still, road conditions do change so be heads-up about this. Once you get there, you'll climb about 3500 vertical feet to the top of the couloir. In fact, there are 5 gullies in all, but the main one is the longest and the most obvious. The skiing is advanced but the couloir is very huge and open such that I do not think a fall would be super bad, except maybe at the very top in hard-pack conditions. When we did it, the snow was absolutely epic, and it was a day that I'll never forget. Get up there after a dump (but wait a few days for the snow pack to settle first!) and make some epic turns of your own. MUST DO!