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Having far too much fun in the Tahoe summer sun!

Name: Alysha, but really everyone calls me Lysh (pronounced like fish)

About: I'm a California native, hailing from San Francisco, and have a particular proclivity anything involving water (read: kitesurfing, surfing, scuba diving, skiing--frozen water counts!)... and also ice cream. I'm in BBE, studying the neuroscience of flight... only in part since my long term goal of becoming a professional surfer/chocolatier/explorer/taste-tester-for-Jiro Ono turned out to be a pipe dream.

Favorite Activities: Kitesurfing, surfing, scuba-diving, ski-touring, skiing, backpacking, attempting (key word) to climb

Role: Gear Guru

Favorite Trip: A magical camping, hiking, surfing, hot springs soaking excursion through beautiful Big Sur! (Every year, it's become a yearly pilgrimage/ritual).