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Template:Stub Also known as the Stone House, this structure sits between the forks of Tuttle Creek. Ask Hamik about this since he's been there a few times. It would be a great location for a club retreat! It's near Lone Pine Peak and Mount Langley in the Tuttle Creek valley.

The coordinates, when viewed on Google Maps, appear to be 36.549, -118.194. To get there, follow the main trail from the Tuttle Creek trailhead, cross the creek at a near hairpin turn, and look for stone steps leading up to the Ashram a few steps further.

Amenities inside the house include a large fireplace and an engraved stone altar. The windows and doors are no longer, so shelter from wind and rain is only partially provided, but scavenging animals are few. The outer walls of the Ashram provide continuous bouldering around the perimeter of the house.

Warren Harding used it as headquarters for his "Lower Sierra Eating, Drinking, and Farcing Society" (check out this awesome article by Galen Rowell from 1970).


Party at the Ashram

In early June 2011, there was a secret party at the Ashram to celebrate the departure of a great club leader. Check out the pictures below!

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See a facebook album with pictures.

See Also

  • [1] describes its history, and calls it the Ashrama.
  • [2] has the youtube video as well as pictures.