Tuolumne Meadows

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Words cannot describe how beautiful Tuolumne Meadows is. This majestic playground can be reached from Caltech in as little as 6 hours, meaning you are ridiculously lucky to have such an amazing rock venue this close to your abode. If you like adventure climbing, and your desire is that the arena that you climb in is as epic as the rock climb, then this is your place. The climbing is in general some of the most run-out and scary rock climbing you will likely encounter anywhere, but don't let that discourage you. There are reasonably protected climbs here as well. In fact, the Regular Route on Fairview Dome is an often sought after climb where solid 5.9 skills and good mountaining judgment and sense will see you to the top. Never seen Fairview Dome? Please go to the Mountain Project Website, where you will find awesome beta on all classic routes and killer pictures to put fuel on the fire for your first or subsequent next visits to this jewel of a destination.

See Also

  • GearLoopTopo Tuolumne Meadows section. This website sells PDF topo maps of individual routes for $3 each (but minimum order is 3 topos). They currently only cover Utah's Desert Towers, Red Rocks, Squamish, Toulumne Meadows, and the Wasatch Range. In Tuolumne, they have 23 routes available.
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