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Trad Rack 1, minus large cams

Trad Rack 1 provides most of what you need to climb a great many single and multi-pitch climbs at local climbing meccas like Tahquitz or Joshua Tree. Students receive preferential treatment towards reserving this rack iff they do so a week ahead of time. Note that it does not include a climbing rope!

For information on checking the rack out, please see Specialist Gear Reservations

Trad Rack 1 Checklist

  • Cams
    • Large Cams (6) [note that these can be checked out separately, so aren't guaranteed to be with this rack (and are bulky so you might not want to carry them around)- when reserving, please note if you will be taking these!]
      • Black Diamond Camalots #4 (x2), #5 (x2), #6 (x2)
    • Medium Cams (10)
      • Black Diamond Camalots 0.5 (x2), 0.75, 2, 3
      • Metolius 5, 6 (x2), 7, 8
    • Small Cams (4)
      • Black Diamond Camalot C3 00, 0, 1
      • Quadcam 0.5
  • Free Biners (10) [please rack as two sets of 5]
  • Free Locking Biner (1)
  • Nuts (20)
    • Black Diamond nuts (8) on biner
    • Black Diamond small nuts (12) on biner
  • Slings
    • Black Diamond 60cm (single) sling (x9), on locker
    • Black Diamond 120cm (double) sling (x4), on biner
    • Black Diamond 180cm (triple) sling, on locker
  • Nut Tools (2)
    • Black Diamond nut tool (x2), on biner
  • Belay device
    • CAMP with locker
  • Black Diamond shoulder sling

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