Thunderbolt Peak

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Template:Stub {{#widget:ThumbnailLink |target= |src= |caption=Climbers on the summit of Thunderbolt Peak on the 2011 Veteran's Winter Mountaineering Trip! |align=right |width=300 }} Technically a sub-peak of North Palisade, Thunderbolt Peak is one of the major peaks of the Palisades, known for its tricky summit block.

The Summit Block


Southwest Chute #1

Considered to be the easiest way to the summit, this route follows a chute full of loose rock up from the West side of the peak.

North Couloir

{{#widget:ThumbnailLink |target= |src= |caption=Nicely annotated picture of the North Couloir, from PellucidWombat on SummitPost (click) |align=right |width=300 }}

Trip Reports

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