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The Telluride Film Festival came to campus on October 23, 2001. Details below are taken from this old webpage.

Link to the official site: Telluride Film Festival


Dear Outdoor Enthusiast

As an attendee of the Banff Film Festival, you might be in interested in an upcoming event on the Caltech campus in Pasadena. The Telluride Film Festival will be coming to the Baxter Lecture Hall on October 23, 7:30pm. this is the same location as for the Banff Festival this past March. The Banff festival SOLD OUT, and you don't want to miss out on the Telluride Film festival so order your tickets now! Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door. Tickets are available from the Caltech Ticket office, 1-888-2CALTECH and at Ticketmaster Outlets. Film Festival tentative schedule is posted below, in addition there will be a base jumping and a ski film, titles to be announced.

For your future reference, the Banff festival will return March 27 to the Caltech campus and in a larger and nicer theater! Mark your calendars!

yours, The Caltech Alpine Club

List of Films


Ken Bailey & Michael Friedman

Few forces in nature are as frightening, or as dazzling, as an avalanche. Marvels of physics, they have the capacity to sweep climbers or skiers to their death, destroy entire villages and fill the senses with awe. (United States, 6 min.)


Gauthier Flauder

The Minang live on the shores of Sumatra¹s Lake Maninjao inside a crater formed by three volcanoes and surrounded by three million coconut trees. But the Minang no longer climb these trees, instead relying upon monkeys for the harvest. Bourhan is now an old man, however, and no longer can train monkeys... yet a strained marriage and his wife¹s inheritance begin to unravel his plans for a calmer life. (France, 26 min.)


James Heyward and Richard Denison

Australian Mike Rheinberger, 52, had tried six times to reach the summit of Everest and failed. It remained his ultimate dream. The seventh time he would not give up. With New Zealand guide and cameraman Mark Whetu to record the great moment of his life, he summited. Perhaps he should have been more concerned that it was so late in the day and their hopes of descending to camp six were disappearing in the sunset. But, dreams and games have a mesmerizing quality, and both men became captured in the same strange dance. (New Zealand, 52 min.)


Nick Hilligoss

A lushly animated allegory about a turtle passing through space, and providing a richly forested home to the monkeys that come to dwell upon its shell. In their industriousness, however, they begin to exploit the resources of their paradisiacal state. The consequence is their falling from grace. (Australia, 8 min.)


Frederic Bach

Based upon a Jean Giono novella, and lovingly illustrated by Academy Award-winning animator Frederic Bach, this story of a man¹s life of quiet fulfillment in an obscure region of France. This Academy Award-winning film remains the favorite Festival film...beautiful and powerful and inspiring. (Canada, 26 min., animated.)

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