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{{#widget:ThumbnailLink |target=http://www.summitpost.org/two-chutes-are-identified/10614/c-150514 |src=http://www.summitpost.org/images/original/10614.jpg |caption=Route on Middle Palisade |align=right |width=300 }} Building on the success of our Winter Mountaineering Trips, we planned the first annual summer mountaineering trip from July 21-24.

The planning process was quite a bit less formal than the winter trips, though complicated somewhat by the necessity of wilderness permits.

3 groups climbed on 2 summit days, with all thirteen reaching the summit of Middle Palisade, one of California's 14ers, by a classic class 3 Sierra route! Except for swarming mosquitos, conditions were mild and summery.

Trip Report

Due to permit availability (and a maximum group size of 15, even if spread across multiple entry days), we split the group into a group of 5 hiking in on Wednesday and a group of 8 hiking in on Thursday. Each group hiked from the Glacier Lodge trailhead up the south fork of Big Pine Creek, camping at Finger Lake. Many routes were scouted on the last, off-trail section, but on the descent it was noted that there is now a well-cairned use trail from where the trail proper ends at Brainerd Lake!

Group 1

This group consisted of PT, Joel, Martin, Madeline, and Lauren.

Group 2

Group 2, 8 strong and led by Patrick, Dan, and Danielle, set off from Finger Lake at around 5:45 on Friday morning. We traversed a couple of hundred feet above the lake and cramponed up to climb snow most of the way to the bottom of the route. As planned, we naturally separated into two groups. The first group climbed the chute as the second waited to regroup at the base of the climb, thus reducing rockfall danger a bit.

Group 2a

Group 2a, consisting of Dan, Danielle, Melanie, and Peter, left the base of the mountain around 9:30, and summited at 10:40.

Group 2b

Group 2b , consisting of Patrick, Alex, Joe, and Liz, left the base of the climb at around 10:30 and summited at 12:20.


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