Suicide Rocks

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Suicide Rock is about 2 miles away from Tahquitz, and the trailheads are very close. It's a moderate hike to the base that takes roughly 30 minutes, although there are actually many rocks in the area, so the approach time can be considerably longer for some routes.

A good portion of the area is slab, and there are bolts protecting many routes. However, this is not a traditional sport climbing area. Most bolts were hand drilled on lead by the stonemasters in the 1970s, and the spacing between bolts is quite far.

Getting there

Like Tahquitz, drive to Idyllwild. This takes a bit under 2 hours from Pasadena. In Idyllwild, go East through town. You may park at Humber park, as you would for Tahquitz, or park slightly earlier. You may need a forest service Adventure Pass if you wish to avoid the $5 fine.

Guide books

We have several copies of the classic Vogel and Gaines guidebook in the Library.

See Also

  • Tahquitz
  • Suicide Rock at, which has a good list of recommended routes, as well as topos.