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South America: The Other Other America


brought to you by Sweetgrass Productions

Ever been curious about skiing and/or adventuring in South America? Solitaire is one of the first ski (with a little bit of climbing) films to be shot entirely in the southern half of our continent. The southern hemisphere has this very sweet attribute that it snows in the (northern) summer, and so, it calls many a powder whore to travel 1000s of kilometers to find deep, untracked lines in the most unusual time of year. Segments in the film document traveling, skiing, and climbing in places such as Las Lenas, Huarez, and all the way down to Patagonia.

Sweetgrass Productions are a young group of skiers, snowboarders, climbers, and cinematographers working together to make some amazing films out of Colorado. Here is a statement of their purpose in their own words:

We focus on the riding, we focus on the art, we focus on blending the two into what we call film, both form and content. It's the people that make filmmaking interesting, and our work is about spending a long time in one place. It's more than just backcountry skiing, it's about the mountains, and the people who love them, about the light, the shadows, and the emotion that changes with their balance. A cloudy icy slope and a sunny powder line produce two different moods, two different riders, and two different filmmakers. Our films are based in this knowledge that there is more to a mountain than fresh snow and a big line; there are stories to be told. Whether in the living room of a 92 year-old miner or playing with an athlete's 3 year-old son, it's about connecting with people who may not share your language or culture. Thanks for watching, thanks for visiting, thanks for supporting.


  • Wednesday Feb 15
  • 7:30pm

This event is BYOB, but I'll plan to bring extra and you can bring a few bucks for beers if you like. We can also order food if there is interest. Send me an email!



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