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Template:Stub This page covers backcountry stoves and fuel.

The type of stove you use depends on your activity. For car-camping, you have many options, such as propane stoves. Because propane canisters use steel containers, they are not as well suited to backcountry activities. For summer ultra-lightweight backpacking, an alcohol-based stove might work well. For versatile backpacking and climbing, a standard white-gas stove is common. For light-weight backpacking when it is not too cold, canister stoves might do the trick.

This page covers some basic info to help you decide what stove to take. Among climbers, most people use whatever REI sells (a MSR Whisperlite or XKG or Dragonfly, or a Jetboil or Pocket Rocket), but these can be limiting as there are many great alternatives.

Types of Stoves




(generally referred to as "liquid fuel" stoves)

Solid Fuels

Hexamine (e.g. Esbit) and other solid fuels


The MSR Reactor and Jetboil have heat exchangers for more efficient heating. These add weight to the stove, but the tradeoff may be worth it.

Some canister stoves, like the Jetboil Helios and the new versions of the MSR Whisperlite allow the canister to be attached via a hose. This allows you to turn the canister upside-down, and this helps you use all the fuel in the canister. At high elevations and cold conditions, low pressure in canister stoves is a major problem, so the flexible hose helps the problem a bit.

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