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|title=CAC Sepcialist Gear Reservations
|title=CAC Specialist Gear Reservations

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In addition to the main supply of Equipment available to rent from the Caltech Y, the Alpine Club also has the following specialist gear available for checkout:

  • A Sport Rack, good for climbs with pre-placed bolts and bolted anchors
  • A Large Trad Rack (Rack 1), with a wide range of cams (see note below on reserving this)
    • This rack includes several large cams (#4-6 BD camalots) which you can check out separately
  • A Small Trad Rack (Rack 2), with standard-sized cams
  • A pair of leashless ice tools
  • Two pairs of vertical frontpoint, step-in crampons suitable for ice climbing
  • Garmont G-ride ski boots (27.5, approx US men's 10) and skins which will work with the AT skis stored at the Y

Since this gear is delicate and is intended only for more experienced users, it must be checked out from the club leadership directly.

(Note that since it's critical and practically impossible to keep track of their history, we don't have climbing ropes to loan out)

Checkout Policy

  • All the specialist gear is available to any Caltech community member. To be able to reserve the gear, email alpine@caltech.edu with your Caltech affiliation and relevant experience . You will be given access to the google calendar below, where you can make your reservation. Please make your reservation no less than two days before you need the gear, and please be courteous about monopolizing it. Gear can usually be picked up directly from Patrick's office on Thursdays - for now please arrange this via email .
  • There is no rental charge for the gear. However, please use it with care, love and report any damage/falls. If you lose or negligently damage any of the gear, we will ask you to help pay for its replacement.
  • Trad rack #1 is preferential towards students (as opposed to faculty or staff) IFF they reserve it a week in advance.
  • Finally, as should be obvious, it is your responsibility to know how to use this gear safely, to recognize and accept the risks inherent in the activities this gear facilitates, and to be able to inspect the gear to make sure it is still in good condition when you check it out. In short, use at your own risk!


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