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"Social Climbing," the new hotness of extreme alpinism!

Didn't get enough of your stinky tent-mate on that long haul last weekend, or during the awkward sleep-deprived discussion to keep your driver awake on the return trip from Owens Valley? We know the feeling!

CAC's Newest Tradition: Monthly Socials

Come sit down and talk a lot of mumbo jumbo about your next epic peak, share all your big ideas for the (insert next season here), give lots of free advice as to how you'd like to see the club run, OR simply unwind after a long day of work staring out at the beautiful weather and not being able to do anything about it!!

We used to have our socials at Burger Continental, this week we are upgrading to the infamous Chester House! It should be much better without all that loud karaoke...

The next Monthly Social:

  • Chester House 171 N Chester Ave (just N of Union)
  • Wednesday November 16
  • 8pm until whenever, come anytime
  • Incentives: Sharp End film, slackline, homemade dessert ala Elisabeth!

BYOB - there's no bar here! :) Please feel free to come and leave at any time, this is about as informal an event as it gets!

Contact Nick or Patrick for more info or if you have any questions.

{{#widget:YouTube||id=mg5LOLsQGXQ}} Cheers!