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CAC 3rd Annual Fall Slideshow 2011

It's that time of the year again for the annual Fall Slideshow and BBQ! This is a chance to show some photos and tell stories about your awesome adventures from the past year. This has been a memorable event in the last 2 years and we've had an awesome turnout with at least a dozen shows and lots of food and drink.

This time, we will be located outdoors in Dabney Garden, (hopefully) right next to our BBQ, so dress appropriately. We'll be grilling food for everyone, so it would be nice to get a headcount; RSVP at the bottom of this page! (but please feel free to show up even if you forget to RSVP).


As usual, there'll be a projector, laptop, and screen for showing your slides - everyone is welcome to present! New members: show us what you've got!

If you want to show pictures, bring them on a flash drive. Please pick out your best pictures, since we have a limited amount of time (e.g. 5-10 min per person). IMPORTANT: Please put your pictures into a powerpoint, pdf, or similar format so that you are not just flipping through a folder of pictures - this has caused chaos in the past with weird randomized ordering taking place on the host computer. We may or may not have internet access, so bring everything you need.


  • Date: Friday October 28th, 2011.
  • Location: Dabney Garden just next to Dabney Hall (on Caltech Campus, west of the Sherman Fairchild Library and south of Ramo Auditorium - use your ears and nose to find us once you get close).
  • Time: We'll start the BBQ at 7:30pm, and the slideshows shortly after.
  • Note: Dabney Garden has a policy against serving alcohol without a bartender, so there will not be a keg this year. You can feel free to BYOB, and Nick will be bringing plenty of extra drinks so send him a message if you have a beverage preference.


<googlemap lat="34.137312" lon="-118.125333" zoom="17" width="450" height="300> 34.137312,-118.125333, Dabney Hall 34.137419,-118.125131, Dabney Garden </googlemap>


If you are planning to attend, please add yourself to the list below. You need to create an account before you can edit the wiki. If you have food preferences (vegetarian, allergies), please indicate them below or send Lauren or Pratyush an email. Default options are burger(s), dog(s), and pop.

  • Nick (burger)
  • Eyrun (burger)
  • Pratyush (turkey burger please)
  • Patrick (veggie burger)
  • Claire
  • Lauren
  • Megan E. Newcombe
  • Hamik
  • Stephen Perry (veggie burger)
  • Shriharsh (veggie burger please)
  • Jeff L. (food please)
  • Dave Holcomb
  • Alex K
  • Gregory Huey (turkey & veggie burgers (2 ea), whole wheat buns, diet soda)
  • Lucas C (veggie)
  • Ted (burgers SVP)
  • Dan Bower
  • Dani Bower (might eat a turkey burger)
  • Ana (veggie please)
  • Cristian & Camila
  • Bill Kells
  • Robb
  • Mikhail
  • Gita M.
  • Stephanie B
  • Matt G
  • Victoria H.
  • Jin P
  • Blake F.
  • Casey (burger, no cheese pleese!!)
  • Betty (burger)
  • Asma (veggie burger)
  • Elisabeth

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