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A group of retreaters after eating lunch during a day tour on the Mammoth Crest

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April 8-11, 2011

With the tradition starting last year (?), we've had a spring time club retreat to Mammoth Lakes for 2 years in a row. This year, we rented a couple of condos, and activities included resort skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain and June Lake resorts, backcountry skiing in the Mammoth area, tasting until close at the Mammoth Brewing Company, large home-cooked group dinners, and of course some hot-tubbing.

We had great snow conditions this year, and unusually cold weather prior to the weekend we arrived, ensuring that everyone got great powder turns no matter where they went during the days. Dinners, cooked by our hard working volunteers, included pasta marinara and delicious curry. Backcountry skiing excursions included trips to Red Cone and TJ bowls, and one highlight was bumping into legendary snowboarder Tom Burt and company. Everyone managed to slide into town without causing any (major) traffic jams: miraculous given the extremely icy roads on the way into town.

Thanks very much to Danielle for organizing! Also, thanks to Denise Okamoto and Thomas Mannion of Student Activities & Programs (formerly Student Life), which is part of Campus Life of the Student Affairs office. We hope to continue this tradition next year.

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