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Santa Barbara, often overlooked by LA area climbers, is home to several bouldering areas, as well as roped climbing. Driving time from Pasadena to most Santa Barbara climbing areas is about 2 hours. The bouldering tends to be on slopers or slopey crimps, often with crux topouts.

The Rock

Most of the climbing in Santa Barbara is on very soft sandstone. Any moisture makes the rock much softer. It is very bad from (and dangerous, too) to climb when the rock is wet as you'll probably break holds, so wait 2-4 days after a rain before climbing.


Ocean's Eleven

Bob Bank's guidebook covers most of the bouldering in the Santa Barbara area. Of particular interest are Lizard's Mouth and The Brickyard, both located on Camino Cielo, off highway 154. Both have excellent bouldering with plenty of climbs in the V0 to V7 range, plus some harder climbs. Most climbs are of moderate height with good landings, but there is a good mix of highballs as well.

Rock Climbing Santa Barbara and Ventura

The Falcon Guide covers roped climbing in Santa Barbara.

Where to Eat

There are lots of options for good eats in Santa Barbara. If you're into good beer as well as food, check out The Brewhouse located at 229 W. Montecito Street.


Camping is difficult in Santa Barbara, as the few campgrounds are expensive ($20/night or more) and usually full most weekends. I recommend day trips.