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The trick to resoling your shoes is to do it sooner rather than later

Resoling businesses

We haven't used all of these (some found via internet search), so use at your own risk.

  • Rubber Room Resoles in Bishop, CA. Well respected.
  • Rock and Resole in Boulder, CO. Well respected.
  • Positive Resoles in Joshua Tree. No website, just information on the supertopo forums.
    • Positive Resoles, PO BOX 471, Joshua Tree CA 92252
    • 760-364-4334
    • Prices: 1/2 soles $33.50, rands $9.00ea, S&H $8.00-up depending...
    • Plenty of ONYX in stock...(also C4 thick and thin, XSV, MAD ROCK, currently OUT of ACOPA but will be RESTOCKING soon)...
  • Yosemite Bum Resole in Buena Park, CA. Operated by Evolv shoe company. $29 for half soles and free shipping with 2 pairs. Plus, you can get a $10 discount until April 30th by entering THANKS2011.
  • This guy specializes in mountaineering boots: Dave Page cobbler.
  • Barry's Resoles
    • 41585 Auberry Road
    • Auberry, CA 93602
    • (559) 855-4511

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