Rescue practice June5

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We're getting together to practice some basic (self) rescue skills. Exactly what we practice will be based on the skills of the people who show up. This is meant as a chance to practice skills you already have so that you can use them in a real life situation if necessary. If you have no skills, but want to learn some, you're welcome to come, but this will be no substitute for formal training.


When: Tuesday, June 5th, 6:00 PM til whenever

Where: Meet at the end of La Canada Verdugo Road (near the intersection with Vista Laguna Terrace) at 5:50 PM.,-118.170383&spn=0.009638,0.01929&t=m&z=16

Cost: Free

What to bring:

  • Headlamp (in case we go into the night)
  • Harness
  • Locking carabiner(s)
  • Some type of belay/rappel device (ATC will be fine)
  • Helmet
  • Any other gear you have that you want to practice with (prusiks, pulleys, slings, etc)
  • An old rope you don't mind us using

We will practice climbing rescue techniques including:

  • Escaping a belay
  • Belay/ rappel with Munter Hitch
  • Making and ascending with prusiks and other methods
  • Z-pulley systems
  • Single-line rappels
  • Anything else people know and can teach or try to learn from a book


Please note that like most CAC events, this workshop is no substitute for professional instruction, and no one involved is a guide or a certified instructor. The information presented here is for informational purposes and additional formal training is recommended before putting it into practice. This will just be enough to get you started, and help keep skills you've already learned sharp.