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Last weekend me and Griffin Mead headed up to Red Rock to celebrate the fact that my advisor was on a trip. We headed out at the usual 6am on Saturday and got to the park a little before 10am and got to spend the best $80 I ever spend every year to renew my parks pass. The weather was excellent especially in the shade. We scampered over to Dark Shadows and unexpectedly ran into Nafeesa and Corrina at the base, which was particularly nice as we had to wait for a very slow party in front and had belay friends too. On the rappel our rope got stuck which ended up being pretty sweet as I got to lead and down lead a beautiful splitter to unstick it. Then we did some casual bouldering in the Kraft boulders, most notably many laps on my favorite problem Potato Chips. On Sunday we had a very early 4am start to get on Epinephrine and got on the route right as the sun was coming up. The route is excellent and the chimneys aren't that scary (they are strenuous though) except the last one which is significantly easier than the previous two and a half. After the chimneys its just incredible, beautifully exposed face climbing and some easy 5th class jaunts to an awesome summit and a delightful walkoff. We made it back to the car just as the sun was fading and made the long and tiring drive back to Pasadena. 10/10 would recommend. The route is in fact deserving of the hype.

Shot from the Black Velvet Summit
The exposure about halfway up
Beautiful Steep Climbing
Best Boulder Problem Around
Dark Shadows
Pine Creek Canyon