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Club members Marc Allen, Dan Fisher, Mary Laura Lind and Pratyush Tiwary climbed Rainier (via Ingraham Direct) in May 2010.

checking out crevasses at around 13000 ft on the Ingraham Direct route

Summary of climb

We will climb Denali!

The team was all set for climbing the West Buttress on Denali this June. BUT, but, the dates got somehow messed up due to one of the team member's job requirements, and the Ranger Gods did not like it. Hence Denali did not work out.

To console ourselves, we looked at the maps, and thought, what is north and high and cold (to merit all the investment and training we had already done for the trip)? The choice was obvious: Mt. Rainier!

We reach Seattle!

So we packed our bags, and caught a plane to Seattle, to be most cordially received by Stephen's friend Booth Haley at the airport who let us drive around his car for 4 days (and also experiment with his flutes kept in the car). But there was bad and only bad news for us: it had been storming for a few days, and was not expected to get clear. The route we had originally planned for had no road approach: the Emmons glacier. But being young and foolish as we are, we thought: we will climb anyhow. Hence we decided on the Ingraham Direct which supposedly had roads clear till the trailhead.

Day 1: We go up!

So on day 1 we went up to the Muir Camp. Even as we started in Paradise, it was snowing and there was poor visibility. Reached camp - so many climbers! Went to sleep with sad hearts, praying that it does not snow any more.

Paranoma Point: note the amazing paranoma
At Ingraham flats

Day 2

We decided in true style that we will be the last to leave camp, hours after all the others had left, so that we do not encounter traffic jam on the way up. Hence we left by 6.30 AM. Reached Ingraham Flats in around one and a half hour. The sky had cleared up a little by this time, and we could see massive icefalls and crevasses everywhere! But then, as we navigated our way through hidden and exposed crevasses, the visibility became poor again. We finally reached above the cloud cover by 13000+ feet, and were at the lovely summit crater by noon! Summit by 12.30. Spent some time with lovely "above the clouds" views, and with lots of nutella to refuel us. Ran down (almost) through the crevasses, as it kept snowing on us. Back at camp by 3.30 PM. Decided to relax the rest of the evening, and hike out the next morning.

Dan and Mary Laura at summit
Mt. St Helens from Muir camp

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