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For Affiliation to Caltech,

  • U for Undergrad student
  • G for Grad student
  • P for Postdoc
  • S for Staff
  • F for Faculty
  • J for JPL
  • J! for JPL & Caltech
  • SS for Summer Student (e.g. SURF)
  • A for Alumni
  • O for Other (e.g. general community members)

For yes/no categories,

  • Y for Yes, and N for No
  • Use a bold Y (the markup for this is '''Y''') to emphasize your favorite activities
  • A for Aspiring (e.g. you want to participate in the activity, but are a beginner)
Member directory
User info Rock Climbing Mountain Climbing Skiing Misc. interests
Name User page Affiliation Following Trad (leading) Sport (leading) Bouldering Hiking Scrambling Technical Ice Resort Backcountry (please describe)
Stephen Becker User:Srbecker G Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y A A Eating
Kimberly Becker User:Christekn O Y A A Y Y Y Y A Y A Baking pies for hungry climbers
Dan Bower User:Dan SA Y A A A Y Y Y A Y Y
Danielle Bower User:dvbrown G Y A A A Y Y Y A Y Y
Prakhar Goel User:Newt0311 A A A Y Y Y N N N N N Hangar 18 Carpools
Greg Huey User:Gregory_huey J! Y Y Y bleh Y Y Y Y Y Y Pushing the envelope
Gary Kleiger User:Kleiger P Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y I like to party like its 1999.
Hamik Mukelyan User:Hamik U Y Y N N Y Y Y Y N Y Pretension
Martin Peek User:martinpeek A A A A Y Y Y Y A Y A brains
Patrick Sanan User:Patrick G Y Y Y A Y Y Y Y Y A Photography
Erik Schomburg User:Schomburg G Y A Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Bandanna modeling
Pratyush Tiwary User:Blackdog G Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y A A I can eat 500 g of Nutella in less than 500 seconds.
Nick Stadie User:nstadie G N N N N Y Y A N Y Y Just givin'er since 1985
Garrett Drayna User:Garrett A Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y N Finding ways to come back to the west coast.
Eric Blood User:eblood J Y A Y Y Y A A A Y A Launching stuff to the moon (oh, and mars too, apparently)
Michael Böttger User:Michael O Y Y Y Y Y N N N N Y Finding nice places to climb
Javier Gonzalez User:namascar A Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Hangin' n bangin'
Jack Ziegler User:jackalak G Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Getting lost for fun, big yosemite and alpine walls, climbing in the dark, weight training, running, pullup and arm wrestling contests, and looking good
Doug Hoffman User:Doug P A A A N Y Y A A Y A Cycle touring, peak bagging
Bryan M User:bmo O Y A Y Y Y Y Y A Y Y Most recent: scuba diving. Most longstanding: snowboarding. Also airplanes.
Josh Zahl User:jzahl A Y N N Y Y Y Y N N N
Ryan Kinnett User:rkinnett J Y A A Y Y Y A A Y A SURFING. Scuba, brewing. Surfing again
Hikin' Jim User:hikin_jim O N N N N Y Y N N N Y Raising my daughter, stoves, XC Skiing, XC Hiking
Rik Williams User:rjw AO Y N A N Y Y A N N bleh lightweight backpacking, getting out of LA, staying in LA
Danica Marsden User:Danicam P Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Richard Dekany User:airydisk SA Y Y Y Y Y Y A N Y A Orienteering, mtn biking, kayak and combinations thereof
Melodie Kao User:Melodie G Y N N N Y Y A N A A bike touring, running for a long time, assorted adventuring, thinking about space, building stuff
Ute Zimmermann User:outdoorgirl SA Y Y Y N Y Y Y N Y A swimming, running, bike rides, kayak, diving, and love to bake!
Heidi Preschler User:Heidi O Y Y Y N Y Y N N Y N food, films, literature, languages and idea
Dillon Ross User:DRoss O N N N N Y Y N N N N cars, photography, laughing
Aaron Markowitz User:amarkowi G Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y A physics, anime, thru hikes, trail name Pebble
Megan Bergkessel User:mbergkes P Y Y Y Y Y Y Y A Y Y drawing, printmaking, biking
Phil Esra User:phile O Y Y Y Y N N N N Y Y none
George Privon User:Gprivon G Y Y Y meh Y Y Y Y Y A photography, cycling
Sarah Sherman User:ssherman J N N N N Y A A A N N Cooking, running, swimming, cycling, urban gardening

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