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The Piolet de Bois is an annual mountaineering award given by the Caltech Alpine Club since 2012.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for the award are stated in French and translate as:

The selection of potential laureates, as well as the conditions of awarding the trophy obey a strict ethic, which is in line with the founding values of the Caltech Alpine Club. Technical level and commitment constitute the principal criteria to which the CAC aspires, along with originality in the choice of the objective and innovation in the manner of conducting the adventure. Respect for the mountains that surround us, the beauty of movement, and the spirit in which people climb those mountains are also primary conditions for the awarding of the prize.

(large parts stolen from the criteria for the Piolet d'Or)

Award Presentment

The award will go, by popular vote, to the best slideshow presentation at the CAC Annual Slideshow in the fall of each year. The previous year's award winner will hopefully be present to hand it off. Feel free to use the ax during your tenure as the trophy keeper!


The trophy itself was purchased at the CAC Gear Swap 2012 from Steve Mawn, and is estimated to have been made in the ~1930-50s.


2012: Hamiker Mukaluk (I think?)