Pine Creek Couloir

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We just wanted to find some nice powder in the hidden Tungsten bowls in Pine Creek. But...walking up towards the second bowl, there is this really pretty 1200ft couloir enclosed by red rocks on top of us. So change of plans...

Trailhead: from highway 395 coming from south after bishop turn left direction Rovana, follow the road until the end where you can park the car near the barrier before the Pine Creek Tungsten Mill. the trail starts on the northface between Gable Creek and thefirst tungstar bowl. There, traverse westwards heading towards the foot of the first tungstar bowl from where you can follow the the 4WD (at 8200 ft) road comtinuing west crossing the second tungstar bowl. From there the couloir descending from the peak between the second and third tungstar bowl should be visible. Countinue ascending towards the entrance of the couloir (8800ft) . Walk up op on owith hon (roughly 1200ft up, partially >45°. took us about 2h). Ski down back, back to the parkin lot.

Conditions: below 8200ft, facing north: powder.

Chute: windpressed, partially wind pressed powder (falling wind coming out of the valley from the second tungstar bowl.)

The two peaks between the Tungsten Bowls from the Parking. The couloir is in the right one (between bowl two and three).
The Couloir viewed from north-east
Booting up the couloir
Climbing up the last meters - the White Mountains in the back.
Skiing down through surrounded by pines and red rocks
PineCreek Couloir.jpg