Photography Competition 2013

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It's time for the annual CAC photography competition! Yes, you can win fame and fortune with only a photograph! Winners to be announced at Reel Rock 2013 on December 4 at intermission.

What we want

Photographs! Awesome shots taken during adventures in wilderness.


  • Photos must be submitted between November 7 and November 21 to

Prizes and judging

1st $100, 2nd $60, 3rd $40. The winners will be announced at Reel Rock 2013 on December 4 at intermission, so be there! Some number of other worthy photographs will be publicly displayed, such as during orientation in September 2014.

The judges include CAC officers and award-winning fine art nature photographer Floris Van Breugel.


First place went to Patrick Sanan for a beautiful sunset shot of the Tetons taken as he drove home to California from an internship in Chicago. Second place went to Hamik Mukelyan for a top-down shot of Danica Marsden leading Bird of Fire, a popular 5.10a route in Joshua Tree in California. Richard Doren claimed third place for a shot taken en-route to the base camp of the photogenic peak Alpamayo.

Photographer: Patrick Sanan. Sunset on The Tetons
Photographer: Hamik Mukelyan. Danica Marsden on Bird of Fire
Photographer: Richard Doren. To Alpamayo base camp

Submission details

  • Up to three photographs (.jpeg, each sized down to <5 MB)
  • Please mention your affiliation to Caltech or JPL in the email and attach subject and location of the photos.
  • Standard image adjustments (cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation), stitching(panorama) and multiple exposure bracketing are allowed
  • Entries to be e-mailed to with the subject line "submission : <participant name>" . Questions can be directed to the same e-mail address under the subject "query".
  • There is a 'zero bounce' policy on submissions. Ensure your submission is finalized and in order before pressing send.
  • Participants must be affiliated with Caltech or JPL.
  • Previous winning entries from past CAC photography competition may not be resubmitted this year.
  • We prefer photos from events during the last year, though older photos are also allowed.


Submission details updated. Shoot us an email at under the subject "query" if you have questions.

  • Do the photos have to be backcountry? Is Joshua Tree okay? Yes. We are looking for any sort of experience outdoors!
  • Is climbing okay? Yes.

Fine print

Caltech Alpine Club reserves the right to reproduce all entries (with attribution) for any CAC publication in any medium.