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It's time for the annual CAC photography competition! Yes, you can win fame and fortune with only a photograph! Winners to be announced at Reel Rock 2012 on October 3.

  • The 2011 shortlist from last year:
We thank the Caltech Graduate Student Council for financial support.

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What we want

Photographs! Awesome shots taken during adventures in wilderness.


  • Photos to be submitted between 08/01/2012 - 09/15/2012.
  • Judging will occur by end of September.

Prizes and judging

1st $100, 2nd $60, 3rd $40. The top 3 prize winners will be announced at the Reel Rock Tour on October 3rd, so be there !! Some number of other worthy photographs will be publicly displayed, ideally during new student orientation in September.

The eminent panel of judges includes Caltech graduate students and award winning fine art nature photographer Floris Van Breugel.

Submission details

  • Up to three photographs (.jpeg, each sized down to <5 MB) permitted per entrant.
  • Please mention your affiliation to Caltech in the email (undergaduate? graduate? post-doc? staff? alumni?), and attach exif data, subject and location of the photo alongside.
  • Standard image adjustments (cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation), stitching(panorama) and multiple exposure bracketing are ok!
  • Entries to be e-mailed to with the subject line "submission : <participant name>" . Questions can be directed to the same e-mail address under the subject "query". Yes, we're using the email address from last year's competition.
  • There is a 'zero bounce' policy on submissions. Ensure your submission is finalized and in order before pressing send.
  • Participants must be affiliated with Caltech. Honor code applies.
  • Previous winning entries from past CAC photography competition may not be resubmitted this year.
  • We prefer photos from events during the last year, though older photos are also allowed.


Submission details updated. Shoot us an email at under the subject "query" if you have questions.

  • Do the photos have to be backcountry? Is Joshua Tree okay? Yes. We are looking for any sort of experience outdoors !
  • Is climbing okay? Yes.


Caltech Alpine Club reserves the right to reproduce all entries (with attribution) for any CAC publication in any medium.