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|Jennifer Buz ||[[User: jbuz]] || || Secretary
|Jennifer Buz ||[[User: jbuz]] ||G || Secretary
| jbuz 'at' caltech.edu||
| jbuz 'at' caltech.edu||

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For Affiliation to Caltech,

  • U for Undergrad student
  • G for Grad student
  • P for Postdoc
  • S for Staff
  • F for Faculty
  • J for JPL
  • J! for JPL & Caltech
  • SS for Summer Student (e.g. SURF)
  • A for Alumni
  • O for Other (e.g. general community members)
Member directory
User info Contact
Name User page Affiliation Position Email Mail Stop or Office
Cody Finke User: cody G President finkec 'at' caltech.edu LR 102
Elle Chimiak User: lchimiak G Vice President lchimiak 'at' caltech.edu NM 104
Ryan Monroe User: rmonroe Treasurer rmonroe 'at' caltech.edu
Jennifer Buz User: jbuz G Secretary jbuz 'at' caltech.edu
Marisa Palucis User: mpalucis P Librarian mpalucis 'at' caltech.edu
Justin Jasper User: jjasper P Viceroy of the Trade Federation jjasper 'at' caltech.edu
Alex Phillips User: alex.phillips Banff/Real Rock Coordinator alex.phillips 'at' caltech.edu

Alysha de Souza User: adesouza Gear Guru/Y Liason adesouza 'at' caltech.edu
Carlyn Lee User: itsosimpo J Website Prime Minister itsosimpo 'at' ugcs.caltech JPL 238-420
Hayden Miller User: hbmiller Bouldering Cave Czar hbmiller 'at' ugcs.caltech

For all club members see Members