Mt. Perkins

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Mt. Perkins is a big mountain located along the 395 in between Independence and Big Pine (probably closer to Independence). There are a couple of ski descents on this mountain, but the one to do is Spook Canyon. The route follows a couloir in a major canyon spanning some 6000 vertical feet. Adventure is the name of the game here. You'll start hiking in the desert, then once you reach the snow the climbing gets steep quickly (30 to 40 degrees), and then you'll have to negotiate a short rock section. The climbing is never hard (eg. 4th class), but I do recall busting what felt like a 5.6 move at the crux, and with a backpack with gear and skis and while wearing ski boots, this felt pretty adventurous. Pull up over the rock back onto snow, and the couloir seems to go on forever almost to the summit. While the couloir is usually quite wide, the skiing is continuously steep (40 degrees), such that only expert skiers will feel completely casual on this one. Get an early start or you'll blow it like us and ski the thing in the shade (and therefore hard-pack to icy conditions). A must do.