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Movies, pizza, drinks. We have these events a lot! Come on by to meet fellow alpinists and gorge on greasy pizza. Please see details and RSVP under the relevant date below!

June 8, 8:30pm, Caltech Y

  • Directions: Caltech Y
  • Format: Bring DVDs! We will choose what to watch when we get there.
  • Food: Pizza (specify how much) and pop (preference?)
  • RSVP: (if you don't have an account email Patrick (psanan) and he'll make you one!)
    • Greg
    • Nick (1/2 pizza + IPA)
    • Eyrun (will steal Nick's)
    • PT
    • Patrick (lots of pizza!)
    • Keenan (pizza pizza!)
    • Pizza the Hut
    • Julie (maybe...depending on work, so don't get me any pizza)