Mount Lowe Hike

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A hike with friends from overseas

Overwhelmed is the word, I guess, for how I felt after receiving all these recommendations for hikes from the Alpine Club community. Choosing from all the options wasn’t the easiest task at hand, but after careful consideration, we decided to take on a trip to Mount Lowe! After picking up a 4-legged friend, we started our trip with 12 legs in total from Eaton Saddle after a beautiful drive along the Angeles Crest highway. A light breeze, sunshine and the lush green forest greeted us and we were motivated to walk off all the pancakes we had for breakfast! The first part of the hike was an easy walk starting right next to the parking lot and immediately offering stunning views down the valleys and of rocky mountain peaks. After crossing through the Muller tunnel, the path led us past a water tank from where we took the small trail to the left instead of continuing on the fire road straight ahead.

After only a little more than 40 minutes walk, we reached a junction from which we could decide to either climb to the summit of Mount Lowe straight ahead or to get onto the loop trail West Mount Lowe. We decided for the summit and found ourselves enjoying tea and cookies with amazing views of the surrounding peaks and LA only another 20 minutes later. A promising looking trail along the ridge of the mountain quickly turned out to be a one way street and our efforts to cross down to the trail through the bushes were shut down by the dog turning back and running away! Smart guy!

We caught up with the dog back at the peak and finally took on the regular loop trail (“East and West Mount Lowe”) which we enjoyed a lot with more great views, green forest and mostly easy terrain up and down and around the mountain. After a total time of 4.5 hours we were back in the car, windows open on the curvy roads so that nobody would get motion sickness again!