Milestone Mountain

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Milestone Mountain as seen from Milestone Basin on the trans-Sierra High Route.

Milestone Mountain is one of the most remote peaks in the Sierra Nevada. It is almost equally far from trailheads in the west as in the east. The closest approach is via Shepherds Pass, but it is also the steepest. Other approaches include from Wolverton ski area (via the classic Sierra High (ski) Route), from Onion Valley, or from Cloud Canyon via either Road's End or the Horse Camp trailheads. Each option has advantages for particular groups and particular seasons of travel.

Routes up Milestone Mountain are all class 3 or harder, making it a worthy scrambling objective. The trademark pinnacle can be seen from the east and is one of the most distinctive points on the Great Western Divide.

Connecting Milestone, Midway, Table, and Thunder is a classic ridge traverse in this region, and has even been done in one day from the Symmes Creek (Shepherds Pass) trailhead.


Choose your poison: east or west.


As usual, RJ Secor's "Peaks, Passes, and Trails" (several copies in the Library!) is the best option in addition to the interwebs. For skiing the High Route, check out Moynier's "Backcountry Skiing in the High Sierra."


  • Patrick, Josh, and Nick attempted an approach from the west via Sugarloaf Creek and Cloud Canyon in fall 2011. Early season snow obscured the trail and the group was turned around early.