Midway Mountain

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Midway Mountain (left) and Milestone Mountain (right), seen from Lake 11522 in May 2012.

Midway Mountain is, in addition to Milestone Mountain, one of the most remote peaks in the Sierra Nevada. It is almost equally far from trailheads in the west as in the east. The closest approach is via Shepherds Pass, but it is also the steepest. The western approach from Cloud Canyon via either Road's End or the Horse Camp trailheads is mellower but longer.

Connecting Milestone, Midway, Table, and Thunder is a classic ridge traverse in this region, and has even been done in one day from the Symmes Creek (Shepherds Pass) trailhead.


Most common access is from Shepherds Pass (east) or the Road's End trailhead (west). The Horse Camp trailheads (Marvin Pass trailhead and Rowell trailhead) provide options for even less climbing but more distance (also in the west).


  • Patrick and Nick climbed Midway in May 2012 via an approach from the west (Marvin Pass, Sugarloaf Creek and Cloud Canyon) in a 26 hour continuous push. Conditions for the climb were perfect, but the time was slowed by at least 2 hours due to foot and knee injuries in the last miles. Estimated distance based on this approach is >50 miles and elevation gain was shy of 10000 feet.