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Welcome the Caltech Alpine Club's Wiki! Use the navigation bar on the left to find and contribute information about our Library, club Equipment, Trip Reports, Local Areas, Members, and more! You may also want to know about the Bouldering Cave . To get an idea of the content on this wiki, you might wish to see all the categories of pages.

To keep up to date with the club or contact us, please see the Email List.

News and Upcoming Events

See Events 2014 and Category:Events for past events.

New Visitors

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to edit pages, but we request that you first make an account (self-registration is currently disabled - please email a club leader (hamik@its or lmont@its) with a username and password to request an account). Account Tools are in the upper right hand corner. Once you have an account, add yourself to the Member List and edit your user page to let us know what your favorite activities are!

If you're new to wikis, you may wish to start with wikipedia's How to edit a page We also have our very own help file system, in pariticular Help:Photos for help on uploading photos and linking to photos from other websites. If this is your first time here, here's what you might want to do:

  1. Make an account (disabled--email hamik@its or lmont@its to make an account)
  2. Join the Email List if you haven't already.
  3. Introduce yourself by adding to the members list, and/or creating your user page (example: User:Patrick).
  4. Contribute to the Favorite Local Hikes page or one of the other Favorites Pages.
  5. Add a Trip Report
  6. Request a new book or see what we already have in our library.
  7. Request equipment or see what equipment we already own.
  8. Add your favorite climbing site to our collection of cool links.
  9. Suggest an event or speaker to bring to campus

In general, please don't be shy about editing! We value substance over style, so don't worry if you're not a wiki-nerd. And don't be afraid that you will mess up a page, because the wiki software keeps all old versions of a page, so it's always possible to undo a change. We also welcome anyone, not just Caltech students, to participate. All we ask is that you behave nicely towards one another.