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This event happened with around 23 people attending. Great talk: big wall climbing is hard! Thanks to those who attended. See slideshow pictures below!

Event Details

Long, sustained and flawless, the Nose on El Capitan may be the best rock climb in the world; it is certainly the best known. Over 31 pitches of steep, exposed and strenuous climbing. This September our own former Caltech Post-Doc Lukasz Fidkowski climbed the Nose in true style: in 4 days (one day fixing and 3 days climbing), and leading the 10c crack free. Come hear some amazing climbing stories (including an accidental 80 foot swing his first time trying it), see awesome photos, watch some funny clips from Lukasz's climbing super-adventure and eat some pizza!

Time 8.30 PM, Dec 6. Location: 2nd Floor, Centre for Student Services.

Pizza shall be found: please RSVP below or on Event Facebook page to avoid going hungry.

Be sustainable: bring your own plates or eat pizza from hands.

Slideshow Pictures

Thanks a lot to Lukasz and his friends for letting us put these photographs here. Please acknowledge Lukasz/photographer mentioned in the picture if you copy these anywhere. {{#widget:Picasa |user=CaltechAlpineClub |album=5548774038186664145 |width=800 |height=533 |captions=1 |autoplay=1 }}

Location details

If you're not familiar with the Caltech campus, here is the location of the Centre for Student Services. If you can not get in, ring PT on 318 0973. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.138523" lon="-118.122619" type="map" zoom="18"> 34.138523,-118.122619 Caltech Y </googlemap>


After 5 PM, parking is easy. I would suggest parking on the street on Hill.


RSVP here or at Event Facebook page. Note: RSVPing both places does NOT mean double pizza for you.

  • Pratyush
  • Patrick (triple pizza)
  • Jack (One whole pepperoni pizza please)
  • Michael
  • Greg Huey (<math>/frac{1}{2}</math> of a pepperoni & cheese pizza please and diet soda)
  • Nick Cheeeeeeeese. And beer. Good beer. I am allergic to all other beverages.
    • Nick: there will be some wine, no beer :-( And one pizza with EXTRA cheese Blackdog 10:46, 6 December 2010 (PST)
  • Rembrandt Plus a friend most likely.

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