Lone Pine

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Lone Pine Peak (left) and Mount Whitney as visible from Lone Pine

Lone Pine provides access to Mount Whitney, Mount Langley, Lone Pine Peak, Mount Russell, and many others! Located on the 395, this town features many services, considering its size, due to the large numbers of people attracted to Mt. Whitney.



Lone Pine is near Whitney Portal, and close to Mount Whitney, Mount Langley, Lone Pine Peak, Mount Russell, and many others. You can also explore the Ashram in Tuttle Creek. There is good camping and fishing at the main Mount Langley trailhead.

Rock Climbing

The main non-alpine areas are:

  • Whitney Portal Crags, some trad and sport. The sport climbing is mainly slab. There is also bouldering in the area. The club has a guidebook in the library by Peter Croft.
  • Alabama Hills have very different rock, and are mainly sport climbing. Not a world-famous area. The club has/had a guidebook in the library.


Pizza Factory

Pizza and beer. Loved by some, reviled by others. Take your chances. There are many other locations, including Bishop and somewhere near Three Rivers.


Hands-down the best subway on the 395. This means it is about 7% better than the worst Subway because they have cilantro and its pretty clean. Open till 10.

Doughnut Shop

Right next to Subway (to the North) there's a coffee shop with awesome doughnuts. There's also another, untested coffee shop a couple of doors down.

Mt. Whitney Cafe

Solid diner food, and beer. If you like pictures of John Wayne then definitely eat here.

High Sierra Cafe

Weird. But, ostensibly open 24 hours. Has breakfast burritos. Cash only.

As of late 2010, it seems they have finally gone out of business.

Taco Truck?

Yelp mentions a taco truck. If anyone's seen it, put some info here!



There is a hostel which apparently has free wi-fi and charges $5 for a shower.


  • Sierra Elevation is a mountaineering store in Lone Pine. They rent the Mad Rock Alpinist '07 boots for $35/weekend in sizes 10, 11 and 12. They rent snowshoes and crampons, and don't rent ice axes, although they sell inexpensive ice axes for $59.


Due to the extreme popularity of Mount Whitney, you will find many motels in Lone Pine.

All-Night Gas Station

The mini-mart at the Chevron on the south end of town never seems to be closed, even at 3 in the morning!

Camping in the area

There are some secret spots on the drive up to Whitney Portal. At Whitney Portal itself, there are official spots, but in summer it is hard to find peace-and-quiet since there are people coming and going at all times of the night.