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General Beta and Route Descriptions

  • SummitPost - a very extensive and well-used guide to mountaineering areas. Also includes active forums.
  • SuperTopo - excellent rock climbing resource
  • Mountain Project - rock climbing

Related Caltech/JPL Clubs

Local University Alpine Clubs and Outdoor Programs

Local Organizations (Non-University)

Online Groups and Forums

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  • For Avalanche forecasting websites, see our Avalanche Rescue page.
  • NOAA National Weather Service (NWS). They provide standard weather forecasts, plus terse descriptions of the actual trends from actual meteorologists, who discuss the two computer models (e.g. "Both the models agree that a storm will arrive Thursday..."). Useful! Here's the description from NOAA San Joaquin center and also the description from the Las Vegas center.
  • Easter Sierra Forecast. Don't know where this guy gets his data, but looks kinda nice.
  • is run by some guy who has a propensity for typos and exclamation marks, and is a bit hostile towards real "meteorologists", but is still a quite useful website for weather, i.e. do you want to take the day off from work and ski at Mt. Baldy or not?
  • Experimental NOAA tool for showing current and recent precipitation in google maps
  • NWS model data. It appears that it directly gives you virtually every model parameter used for the forecast for any point in western united states, viewable in either table or graph form. These include temperature, dew point, wind speed, wind gusts, wind chill, cloud cover, precipitation likelihood, type and amount, and a few others; you can also customize the output to some extent (things like time intervals, display format, and a few others- play around with it a bit).

Gear Rental and Purchase

See Equipment#Other Sources of Gear.

Commercial Guiding/Training Services

Most national parks, Joshua Tree included, have strict regulations on who can guide, and each guide service has a special permit.

  • The Wilderness First Aid 2006 course at Caltech was taught by the Wilderness Medical Institute (WMI), which is part of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). NOLS and Outward Bound are the two big outdoor experience programs in the USA.
  • Outward Bound has many outdoor programs in all kinds of areas, and they range in length from a day to a semester.
  • Nomad Ventures, Idyllwild. They are situated right next to the popular local trad climbing spots Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks. They have some good climbers who can offer one-to-one climbing lessons.
  • American Alpine Institute. They are famous for their glacier travel courses offered in Washington State. They also teach very basic winter mountaineering courses in the Sierra Nevada. These local courses, though expensive, are good if you have really no experience.

Organizations That We Support

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