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On September 24th, in an effort to find Cooper Glurp Jasper (CGJ) whose whereabouts were unknown, Cody Finke biked all the front country single-track biking trails near JPL. His partners, Stefan and Thuy bailed on him (one due to maladies and the other due to Texas) so he was on his own (some call this a solo mish). Cody parked at Windsor by JPL where at 7:30am where there was no sign of GCJ. He kicked it into a low gear because he knew there was going to be some climbing on this journey and rode up to the Ken Burton Saddle. Still no sign of CGJ. After drinking half of his naked juice that his lab mate had given him for helping her on a talk (this is not the first time this lab mate's food gifts had come in handy, also Cody drank 1/4 of the juice before riding and refilled it with protein power, YUM!); Cody descended to the brown mountain saddle, turned sharply left and descended to the Brown Truck Trail pass and climbed and descended to millard camp. Again, Cody searched the Parking lot (this time a different lot) for signs of CGJ, but none could be found, the time was near 9am. He then road up to the top of sunset on the mount lowe railroad where he again did not find CGJ, he did become exhausted but he did not bonk thanks to the naked juice and protein powder. He then descended sunset trail where he was stoked to take the sneaker around the heinous stairs, but became worried when he got all the way back to Millard camp and still saw no signs of CGJ. He then climbed the short road back to El Prieto (still no CGJ) and descended that, and rode the road back to the Windsor lot where again he did not find CGJ.

All in a all the ride was a failure, however it was still fun. Later Cody came to read this trip report, which told him that he had just missed CGJ, Cody will get him next time.

[[In search of CGJ]]