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The Keck Laboratory is a building in the center of Caltech's campus. We will usually host events in room 142; look for signs on where it is! It is not too hard to find.


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.138449" lon="-118.124142" type="map" zoom="16"> 34.138649, -118.124753, Keck 142 </googlemap> See this downloadable map. It is building 78 in sector C3.


Visitor Parking from They have a useful parking map (in PDF). Park in lot 11 (after 5 PM, it should be free).

See Also

  • Parking for public events. Please note: on this map, the red dot indicates parking for performers only! That parking area is very small and not for audience members. Audience members may park in the lot marked "Parking" in blue.