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brought to you by Clear H2O Films

Many folks at the Banff Selection night back in January expressed remorse at not being able to show this film in our Banff program this year - it is simply too long for a good Banff schedule. But, we vowed to bring it to the masses in a special screening of its own! So revel in its awesomeness with us, outdoors, under the sunset, with a cold one in hand. We'll have food and drinks for anyone who is bold enough to RSVP or send an email to Nick (note: you will not be doing anyone a diservice if you RSVP for food and then can't come - we are hungry! It will find a good home, I assure you). The menu: burgers (regular or veggie), dogs (pick a style), or grilled veggies, indicate your preferences below.


"Kadoma" is the nickname for Hendri Coetzee, a legendary South African kayaker who is known for exploring some of Africa’s wildest rivers. In December 2010, two American kayakers followed Coetzee into the Democratic Republic of Congo for a first descent of the dangerous Lukuga River. Seven weeks into the expedition, tragedy struck...

Film length: 42 mins.

As a minor warning, this is not the usual adrenaline-junkie, crazy kayaking film you might be used to - although it may have those elements, it is actually more of a documentary, and a somewhat sobering one at that. Just an FYI!


  • SFL Courtyard (info/directions here)
  • Thursday May 24 2012
  • 7:30pm Showtime: 8pm


Name (BBQ preferences, drink preferences)

  1. Nick (burger, IPA)
  2. Joel (burger, belgian beers)
  3. Lauren (veggie burger, tasty beer)
  4. Patrick (veggie burger (or veggie dog!), beer)
  5. Bill Kells +1 (burgers, beers)
  6. Eric Sage (2 burgers, IPA)
  7. Erika (burger+dog, beer)
  8. Jason Price (1.5 burgers, dark beer)
  9. Karl +1 (burgers, any)
  10. Erik (veggie burger, IPA)
  11. Ana +1 (veggie burger/dog, red/dark beer)
  12. Dirk Neumann (veggies, hoppy beer)
  13. Matt S + Matt C (liquid dinner, porter)
  14. Melissa Yeung (veggies, any)
  15. Alan Lai (2 burgers, beer)
  16. Rebecca Rojansky (veggie burger, any)
  17. Masha (meeeat, beeeer)
  18. Josh Kammer (2 burgers, beer)
  19. Peter Gao (1 regular burger, 1 dog)
  20. Hilary (veggie burger)
  21. Pratyush (any burger, juice)
  22. Dan (burgers, any)
  23. Dani (grilled veggies or veggie burger, juice)
  24. Gordon (any, any)
  25. Robb (veggies or veggie burger, tasty beer)
  26. Juyen +2 (no food, non-a drinks)
  27. Megan (turkey please, juice)
  28. Matt Callender +1 (burgers, beers)
  29. Tucker (veggies, beer)
  30. Cristian and Camilla (burgers, beer)
  31. Miki (veggie burger, a little bit of beer)
  32. Alex Kouprine (any, any)
  33. Dan T-E (burgers, beer)
  34. Tobias Bischoff (veggie burger, beer)
  35. Hamik (lots of burgers, lots of cookies)
  36. Mindy Jacobson (veggie burger, any)
  37. Steve Demers (burger, beer)
  38. Nicole Czakon (veggie,IPA)

(menu: burgers (regular or veggie), dogs (pick a style), or grilled veggies)


Great event! Awesome venue, and 50-60 people in attendance. A/V was perfect. BBQing and cutting food was intense, but worked out. Perfect amount of beer, little too much food (too many beef burgers, not enough veggie). Grilled veggies were tasty but didn't go on til the end and were too much hassle. People stuck around til 10-10:30.



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