Joshua Tree Xtreme 2002

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A club trip to Joshua tree, 10/27/2002. See also the Feb 2002 trip.

This is copied from the old website, so few details are known.

Jtree1.jpg Jtree2.jpg

Jtree3.jpg Jtree4.jpg Jtree5.jpg

Mark leading Head over Heals (5.10a) and Eric leading some 5.9 crack on the East Face of the Hemingway Buttress

Jtree6.jpg Jtree7.jpg

The East Face of the Hemingway Buttress and Javier "sportrading" Head over Heals

Now here's the good stuff: The Head over Heals ROOF. Little clinic for Paul Wiggins to study in his bed

Jtree8.jpg Jtree9.jpg

First, you let go your feet and take an extreme position (like Javier). Then you do a one-arm pullup and chalkup as demonstrated by Dan.

Jtree10.jpg Jtree11.jpg

Then you contract your abs to move your legs up while breathing heavily and saying, "This is technical!". A heel hook puts you in a rest position where you can chalkup again, as shown by Mark.

Jtree12.jpg Jtree13.jpg

You get ready for the reachy move by bringing forth the French attitude in you and pull down hard to get over the roof


Dan using his karate and caving moves in "Dung Fu"!

See Also

See also the Feb 2002 trip.