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Location and Tickets

November 23rd, 6 PM (come early to get seats and a cup of hot cider or mulled wine), Beckman Institute Auditorium (Note that this is distinct from Beckman Auditorium!) <googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.139328" lon="-118.126384" zoom="17" width="450" height="350"> 34.139217, -118.126424, Beckman Inst. Auditorium </googlemap> Tickets, available at the door, are $10 for general admission, and free for Caltech affiliates ($5 donation suggested). Facebook Event page.

Event Details

We're bringing local climber Jordan Romero to speak on campus! It will be Tues, Nov 23rd, 6 PM. Thanks to the GSC for helping to sponsor this event. Jordan hails from nearby Big Bear and set the age record on Everest earlier this year by climbing the mountain at age 13. He's now 14 and a freshman in high school. The climb is a bit controversial, and prompted China to impose age restrictions afterwards. See the Wikipedia article for more. Another interesting feature of the ascent was the use of hypobaric chambers prior to the ascent, allowing a more-or-less alpine-style ascent and the use of only 3 sherpas.

We plan to have an informal after-party to discuss the climb and enjoy refreshments. The club first met Jordan two years ago during our winter mountaineering trip to Mt. Whitney! We ran in to Jordan, Paul and Karen while they were on a day hike on the peak.

Adventure Speaker Series

We're looking to bring more speakers to campus, so contact PT if you have ideas. We especially encourage suggestions to bring women and/or minority speakers. Speakers could also include members of the Caltech family with noteworthy alpine accomplishments.

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