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Went out to j-tree on Saturday night and camped outside of the park at this nice (but a bit expensive) site that had a small lake for fishing. This place apparently never books up except for festivals so it is a good choice if you can't reserve something closer. Temps at night were super nice, only reaching about 50 degrees. The desert was blooming and super beautiful but it is definitely almost too hot to climb out there. Even though it only reached maybe 78 or 80 there was a lot of sun exposure and we went through a lot of water. We tried to chase shade wth boulders but ended up climbing mostly in the sun. It wasn't so hot that the rocks were baked but it made the tiny crimps pretty difficult! We borrowed a caltech y pad and brought three of our own for our group of four. Lots of high balls so tons of pads were helpful. We mostly did a tour of some classic boulders - definitely check out white Rastafarian (V2), false hueco traverse (V2) and LHMFP (V4). Also a great warm up at the illicit sweetie boulder where you can do laps on any of the V0s up the jugs. Now for tons of pictures :]

False Traverse V2
Illicit Sweetie V0-
Lynn Hill Memorial Face V4
Stawberry Contraceptive V7
White Rastafarian V2