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Template:Stub A small town in the San Jacinto Mountains, near Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks. It caters to LA and San Diego weekend tourists, and as such has many art galleries, restaurants and motels. There's also a significant climbing population. There are quite a few camps nearby (e.g. Christian retreats and such).

To get here, drive East on the 10 freeway, and then take the exit in Banning (it is marked) and follow that highway (highway 243) up the winding slopes of San Jacinto. It takes just under 2 hours from Pasadena.

The town is at roughly 6000', so it can be a bit cooler (this is the attraction). Tahquitz itself can be even cooler and windier. Tahquitz rock (or Lily rock, as many non-climbing locals call it) is seen from most parts of town (Suicide rock is hidden from downtown, but very evident from closer to Tahquitz and Humber Park).


  • Jo'Ans. Hard to miss, and nice outdoor seating area. Average food. Often has live music, but quality varies.
  • Cafe Aroma: drive towards Tahquitz from the center of town. Good food (a bit pricey), and almost always has live music on the weekends (good music too). Owned by a former UCSD math professor and climber.
  • Mountain Restaurant has probably the best food in town. Big name chef, and pricey (but not outrageous) prices.
  • Village Market. Across from the gas station as you enter town. Pretty bad grocery store, but they make great sandwiches and have an indoor eating area, which makes it a great meeting location for climbers before heading up to the rocks. If you want a bigger, cheaper grocery store, try Fairway Foods, about 1/2 mile away in a shopping center.


  • Nomad Ventures is a full service climbing store in Idyllwild, and perhaps the closest real climbing store to Los Angeles.


There are two campgrounds in town. One is a state park, and you'll see it on your right as you enter town. The other is a 1 mile farther down (take the first right as you enter town). Both are fairly popular on weekends, since this is one of the closest nice camping spots to LA.