Ice Climbing 2003

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ICE CLIMBING CLASSES - March 1-2, 2003

Participants: Kirsten Lassila, Marjorie Schmeltz, Sharad Shanbhag, Peter Oelschlaeger, Bill Kells, Mike Baker

Guide: Doug Nidever

Pictures courtesy of Marjorie Schmeltz

Copied from the old website page.

Other ice climbing courses

See this Jan 2002 course that the club organized. Based on the old calendar, it looks like this course was offered for two weekends in February 2002.

It is described by Angelique Louie as follows:

"Hi folks

I have a terrific opportunity for a professionally taught course in ice climbing. The details about the course are in the attached document. Briefly, this will be a 2-day course in waterfall ice climbing to be taught in the June Lake/Lee Vining area. Ice axes, crampons, helmets, ropes, hardware are included. You need to supply a harness, belay device and sturdy boots (can be rented). Prior rock climbing experience is recommended but not required (basically, they'd like you to be able to tie knots and belay already).

The course is limited to 6 people per session. Two sessions are available, either February 9-10 or Feb 23-24. 2 nights lodging will be included as well as a discount to the course fees, courtesy of film festival proceeds. Depending on the number of participants (must be 6 people min/max per course) price for the 2 day package will be $120 or less. How much less depends on enrollment.

This is an AWESOME price. Similar courses run more than $300 usually! Again two dates are available, but we have to fill them with 6 people each to get this special deal.

If you wish to enroll for the course reply to this e-mail and indicate which weekend you prefer (and if you absolutely cannot come one of the weekends). I will let you know if you got into the course and which weekend you are in. To clarify: this is a 2 day course available on 2 different weekends, you are just signing up for one weekend. I will assign weekends to people based on availability and your indicated preferences. Not many spaces and a great deal, so act fast!

Later in the year Eric will be leading some ice climbing trips and it would be highly beneficial to get some experience on ice before going. This is a good way to get your basics!


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