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Kim Becker bouldering at Horseflats
Adina Vulture at a club "Midnight Bouldering" session at Horseflats in Nov 2006

Update: after the fires in fall of 2009, you should check the California Dept. of Transportation website to make sure that the roads are open.

Drive up the 2 as if toward Williamson, and take the exit to Horse Flats campground just after the biker bar. Here's a bouldering guide and topo map in PDF format (you'll need the club's username and password to access it because it is restricted). The club has the new book Five Star Bouldering which covers Horse Flats in unprecedented detail; see our library.

There is quite a bit of potential, but Horse Flats has never been especially popular (especially compared to a bouldering area like Stoney Point).

More info at Mountain Project: Horse Flats and google maps. 29 miles from Pasadena; estimated driving time is 1 hr 6 min.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.310547" lon="-118.056335" zoom="10"> 34.3494,-118.0158 </googlemap>