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Josh Higgins and the folks at Pullharder and ACSD ran a graffiti removal event at Mt. Woodson in 2011. This was some of the inspiration behind the Eaton Canyon clean-up, which took place Saturday, June 23, 2012. Here is a great video of the clean-up, including before and afters.

Josh wrote the following instructions for graffiti removal:

Graffiti Removal Instructions

  • Assemble necessities
  • Apply the taginator to the painted surface
    • Spray on a coat and let it sit at least 15 min
    • Cooler days prevent evaporation
    • Use personal protective equipment
  • Scrub
    • Use stiff nylon, or steel brushes
    • More scrubbing you do, the more you’ll get off.
    • This may affect softer rocks, discoloring or abrading them
    • Use personal protective equipment
  • Rinse
    • Use the fancy backpack sprayer to blast off the solvated mess
    • Start at the top and work down getting all the residue off the rock
  • Smile
    • You just did a public service!

Note: I’m not sure exactly what is in taginator. It “biodegrades” but it will possibly kill plants at the base of the climb where residue washes down. It is caustic, instead of an organic solvent. Keep it off your skin and out of your eyes.