Glarner Alpen, CH (Apr 2010)

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Danny Boy (not to be confused with Danski) and Nick took an epic trip up into the Glarus Alps (Glarner Alpen in German) in April 2010. Bone chilling temperatures in the morning, heaps of fresh powder, breaking trail, afternoon sun, huge cornices, and one monster hole in the ground were highlights of the trip up to Gemsfairenstock. Minor set-backs due to the ridiculous amount of fresh snow and some extended post-holing by Dan in snowshoes made it into a shorter trip than expected as we turned around before reaching the notch and well before Claridenhütte. We sailed into the nearest valley riding deep cold powder at the top down to mucky mashed potatoes at the bottom and skied into the nearest town (Urnerboden) just before dark. It turned out to be a (completely unexpectedly) awesome night at the local inn/tavern down the road, called Klause Ranch. I highly recommend anyone in the area of Klausen Pass to stop in for a visit and meet Hans, who sports the best mullet/handlebars combo anywhere in Switzerland. He even gave us a ride to the train station the next morning!