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1st Annual CAC Gear Swap

TIME: Monday, November 8th 7-10pm PLACE: Caltech Y, 1350 San Pasqual, west of the tennis courts on Hill and San Pasqual, in Pasadena. ITEMS INCLUDED: Anything outdoor related... climbing, skiing, clothing, backpacking, etc. FORMAT: Each vendor will have a small section on the ground, or on a table if available. gear can be traded, sold, given away for free... it's up to you. Refreshments will be served!

1) Want to buy gear?

Great! This will be the place to buy gear, rub elbows with outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy some refreshments. You wont find refreshments at the REI used gear sale.

2) Want to sell gear?

Please RSVP to me, and reserve a spot ASAP. There will be an entrance fee of $5 to reserve a place at the swap. This money will go toward buying refreshments to attract more people to the sale. Please write if you have questions about this.

The sizes of the spots are not set in stone. We'll accommodate your large items or vast collections of junk. If you have just a few items and don't need an entire spot, that's fine... just team up with a friend. Please don't team up in order to avoid the $5 fee, though.

On the day of the sale, arrive early and set up your wares in the section provided. Some tables will be available, first-come first-served, but in general most sections will be on the ground in the courtyard.